Why Did God Get Angry with Moses and Forbid Him from Entering Holy Land?

In the Bible, Moses is forbidden to enter the promised land after disobeying God’s command. God clearly commands Moses to speak to the rock, and the water would pour out to feed the children of Israel.

But instead, Moses became angry and frustrated due to the Israelites constant complaining and whining. So Moses struck the rock with his staff, and the water poured out.

Why Did This Anger God?

This angered God because God specifically commanded Moses to simply speak to the rock. Instead, Moses disobeyed and struck the rock with his staff. Just like it may frustrate you if you specifically tell someone to do one thing, and they do another. In this same manner, it angered God.

The reason this is such a big deal is because God is trying to prove a point to the Israelites. He is trying to prove that He will provide for their needs, and they only need to have faith in His word. Moses neglected to give God the glory for providing water for the Israelites. Instead, out of anger, Moses appeared to be the one who could bring it forth. He took some of God’s glory by disobeying His commands.

This mistake by Moses caused him to never enter the promised land. Instead, God only allowed him to see the land before he died. However, many centuries later, Moses was allowed to be with Christ during the transfiguration of Christ. So eventually Moses did get the experience of being there.

Important Lesson to Learn:

God’s commands and words are to be taken literally and seriously. We suffer grave consequences when we disobey. You cannot obey God without receiving some kind of blessing, and you cannot disobey God without receiving some negative consequence. Moses disobeyed God, and was not able to enter the land he spent the 40 years of his life working to enter.

Are you disobeying God right now? Are you living in obedience to His word? Have you accepted Christ to be your Lord? If not, I beg you to put your trust in Christ.