How Many Times Did God Allow Satan to Tempt Job in the Bible?

The Book of Job in the Bible is really a fantastic book. There have been so many times where I have had to deal with issues (health issues, personal tragedies, etc.), and this book has provided me great comfort. I have even written a post or two about Job before.

What we learn from Job is that bad things can, and indeed will, happen to all of God’s people. It may be of no fault of your own, and in fact, God may have even engineered your troubles for some greater purpose later on. Suffering may also be a test, it may be due to the free will of others, or simply cause and effect of life. But either way, all Christians or devout believers will have to suffer tragedy, loss, health issues, and problems in this life. It is completely inescapable.

Regardless of what kind of personal tragedies we may endure, God himself will always work things together for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). In the case of Job, God made sure he had double of everything after his suffering while he remained on Earth. And while we too may endure personal tragedies, financial hardships, etc, we must look forward to the promise that we too will receive our reward in heaven.

Anyway, we come to a great question on this topic: How many times did God allow Satan to tempt Job in the Bible?

How Many Times Did God Allow Satan to Test Job in the Bible?

The total number I counted in the scriptures is two. There are two main tests that Satan does to Job.  Here are some of the scriptures below which summarize these events or “tests that God allowed Satan to use with Job”:

  • Job chapter 1 (Satan claims Job is only faithful because he is blessed with a family and wealth). Therefore, God allows Satan to take Job’s family and wealth. This is test number one.
  • Job chapter 2 (Satan now claims that Job only serves God because he has his health, therefore, God permits Satan to harm his health). As we see, Job still does not curse God. So Job’s health is the second test.

The rest of the book of Job shows Job reasoning with his friends, who think that surely Job must have sinned. Job, however, maintains his innocence. This continues for a few chapters, until God responds out of a whirlwind.

At that point, God sets everyone straight. He basically tells Job not to question His actions, and that God cares for all things and has created all things through His wisdom. He also rebukes Job’s friends and tells them to offer a sacrifice since they incorrectly thought Job sinned (and they weren’t exactly the best of friends).

God then ends this book by blessing Job with double the wealth! This ending really says a lot about the the fairness of God…even if we suffer terribly for a season in this life.

We may struggle so often as servants of God. While serving God we will endure many trials and tests. It is often easy to say, “Why me God? I serve you, why not make my life better? Why not take this pain or suffering away? There are so many evil people that seem to get along fine. Why not make life easier for your own righteous servants?” Sometimes we may even get so down on our luck that we cry out, “God, please kill me.”

However, we must trust in God that while we may suffer temporarily on Earth at times, we have an eternity of happiness and peace. A lifetime of suffering is nothing compared to an eternity of peace and happiness. God will give us more than double for our suffering! We have eternity with no more sin or hurt. Thank you God for your mercy and love.

Have you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, I urge you to repent and trust Christ. Believe on the Lord and you shall be saved. Pour out your trust on God. Trust in God in the way Job trusted in Him. Job, even though he suffered, said this:

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him

-Job 13:15

Can you trust in God, even in death and suffering? Even if God allows you to die, can you trust Him? Yes, you can.