Is Australopithecus Sediba Missing Link of Evolution? A Christian’s Creationist Perspective

Another scientist is claiming to have found the “missing link” in our “alleged” monkey history. The Australopithecus sediba fossil was found in a cave in South Africa. Unfortunately, claiming to have found the missing link is becoming more common than claims that Elvis is still alive. And neither one gets me too excited (or has solid science behind it).

My Christian/Creationist Perspective on the Fossil Find: Will the Real Missing Link Please Stand Up?

Since the story broke, there haven’t been too many creationists replies on the web. That is the main reason for this post. I wanted to provide an alternative view of this nonsense, and point out the absurdity of it.

How many “missing link” claims have been made at this point? I have lost count. I thought “missing link” was singular, but so many have been found (and subsequently been proven false), that I can’t even keep up.

We had the recent Darwinius masillae fossil, which I knew would quickly get proven false. We have had Pitiful Piltdown Man, and countless other fossils dubbed as “THE LINK,” which were also subsequently proven false or a hoax. So is this the true missing link? Of course not. But notice that the evolutionists never let a bum link get them down. Their powerful belief in “atheism of the gaps” (or monkeys of the gaps) keeps them pressing forward with impenetrable faith.

Renowned paleontologist Meave Leakey said the following:

“This is an outstanding find and Lee should really be congratulated. However I do not think that they have anything to do with Homo or the ancestry of Homo.”

So once again we have a monkey, not a link. Not surprising at all. Every single fossil they find will either be complete monkey, or complete human. No shock there since there are no “homo-monkeys.” Unless you count homosexual monkeys as a “homo-monkey.”

Why Scientists Still Can’t Find the Missing Link After All These Years

How many years has it been now since Darwin’s lie book was published? How many thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars have been consumed in the search for a missing link? And after all this time and money, we have nothing but 100% monkeys, 100% humans, and hoaxes. Hmm.

I suppose I know the answer: They can’t find a fossil that doesn’t exist, right? It is going to be rather difficult to find a missing link that doesn’t exist in the first place. So they can keep digging and shelling out the big bucks in their quest, but their journey will be fruitless. Surely at some point you would think they would get the hint, but not so. They have more faith than any religious person I know, and their incredible religious faith that they were once a monkey will not be shaken. No, not by a long shot.

A Quick Message to Theistic Evolution Christians

What saddens me most is not the incessant need for some skeptics to be monkey relatives. What saddens me most is the individuals who do believe in God, yet have been so confused and brainwashed by secular professors that they actually somehow splice the two opposing theories together. I suppose they fear being ridiculed for taking a creationists stance, so they cling to the theory of evolution like a fly on feces.

Evolution and creation are about as contradictory to Christianity as the idea of reincarnation. Does micro-evolution exist (also called small scale evolution)? Absolutely. That is science, and that is observable. That’s how we have big dogs and little dogs. God designed the genome to allow for small adaptive changes within our environment. Does macro-evolution exist (also called large scale evolution)? Only in the imaginations of people with no faith in God. There is ZERO hard science for it. Period. They can’t even find one serious fossil to prove it.

If you are a believer who actually accepts the theory of evolution, you are suffering from a secularly-created delusion. That is about the only thing I will ever agree with Richard Dawkins about. Do you really have faith in God if you doubt the first page of His book? Is God pleased with that kind of faith?  After all, as the Bible says, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). So how do you think God views your faith if you don’t even accept the first page as truth?

And yet, many claim to believe in this God, and don’t even take the first page of the book seriously. How can you ever deny the creative power of God, and assume He is merely being “poetic” or “allegorical” in Genesis, as if creation was just a big gag? How can you take God to be kidding when the first page says there was no death until the fall of Adam and Eve (which is kinda required for evolution and salvation)?

How can you stand and watch mankind create new animals and species via genetic engineering (ie, they didn’t have to evolve and were CREATED in their final form), and yet you deny that God could have done the same at the creation of man? Folks, if man can do it, you better believe God can. Anything man can do, God can do better

So believers, take the creative power of your God more seriously, and stop getting scammed and swayed by non-believers who have an agenda.